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#August21 Nationwide Prisoner Strike

August 21 – September 9, 2018: Prisoners with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and other formations issue 10 national demands with a call to action for workstoppages, sitdown strikes, hunger strikes and boycotts of the commissary.

Prisoners in seventeen states commit to the action, and outside support grows to include over 300 organizations and dozens of solidarity rallies and events. Prison systems lock down multiple facilities, isolate leaders and crackdown on prisoner communication to inhibit organizing and prevent outside supporters from learning of inside events.

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Hunger Strike at Immigrant Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington

April 10, 2017: As many as 750 detainees at the Northwest Detention Center launch their first in a series of hunger strikes in protest of their conditions of confinement. The outside group NWDC Resistance does solidarity work for the strikers.

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